Gilroy Hanuman Temple

The first time I visited this temple was in the month of August in 2009; since then I'm a regular devotee.

I haven't taken any pictures at the first time. Though, during this Tuesday's visit in Aug 2013, I captured some stills. As pictures speaks, Mount Madonna's natural winsomeness will attract anyone visiting here... One reason this was not very famous among Indians earlier in Bay-Area is, this is managed by Native Americans.

But trust me you wouldn't regret going there for a nice time over Saturday evening. I mention on going on Saturday, as it is considered to be the day of Lord Shri Hanuman, though anyday is a good day to visit :).. And as it is believed that praying to Lord Hanuman relieves any obstacle or that 'undone' task where everything goes wrong without any reason, so just one visit will attract you for ever...

I heard about it for the first time as "Gilroy Hanuman Temple" though it is actually called as "Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple" and it is located in Watsonville; on top of Mount. Madonna. During the course of five years, it has now developed extra parking spots to now accommodate more than seven dozens of cars. It is most recommended to make an early day (if Saturday visit) reservation online on their portal. And get ready for an amazing driving experience, sometimes the drift in the weather may also be 10-20 F. Mt. Madonna center makes truly an ideal and wonderful location to worship Shri Ram's param bhakt and "Sankat mochan Shri Hanumanji".

Saturday Online Parking Reservations (11am - 7pm):
Temple has started to accept only online parking reservations for 10 people in ONE car due to hefty devotees visiting the temple, quickly register & make an online reservation at:

Note: Reservations for Saturday visit are accepted only until 7pm on Friday night.

Saturday Dinner Reservations (for after 7pm):
Call and reserve at: 408-846-4065

445 Summit Rd. Watsonville, CA 95076

Directions (FROM North/East/West bay-area):
Few GPS doesn't take you here, as mine didn't work so I have to take directions on a paper:

You can use following link to get google directions & remember after you get onto Summit Rd, take the final left meticulously (look for the sign with flowers on your left):

View Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in a larger map


At 6 PM everyday, they have a Aarati & Bhajans going-on for atleast 30-45 mins. I would say this is the time to be at this place. Aarati & bahajan's are Indian traditional way to worship & pray the Lord. Also if possible try taking some organic fruit like banana / apples, or any fresh store / home-made Indian sweets so this can be distributed as God's prasad (like holy food with God's blessings) after the Aarati.

Volunteers are needed weekends and holidays. Please email or inquire with a Temple Docent about volunteer opportunities.

Finally have a wonderful time there as its very close to nature & mountains, I found deer's as close as my arm's distance on my first visit & the location is simply amazing...

At Web & Reference:
Other Links for more information:
Go through for complete information about this place has to offer.
Also has complete information about this temple right from history of the temple to activities & re-creation / peace center by the devotees .

Scanned copy from Flyers I received from the Temple:


  1. The new website for this temple is

  2. Thank you for the update, I've updated my post so people can be re-directed to the information they are looking for...

  3. The Temple is indeed a lovely site, but it is not managed by Native Americans, but by devotees of Baba Hari Dass.

  4. Very devotional and peacefull place. Nice place to visit.

  5. I requested video of Baba's ashram near Hardwar. It is about Baba making a true difference in many orphans lives. Truly a must see.

  6. are you also planning to upload it over internet ?

  7. Hi,
    Do you remember how many steps we have to climb here? Can old people manage to go there?


    1. I don't remember exact number of steps, but you can drive up to temple from back.

  8. Mandatory reservations are required to visit the temple on weekends, which severely limits the temple attendance on weekends